Phases of Awakening 4 : Realisation

At some point we come to a deep knowing. It is real. It is beyond doubt. It is not a thought or beliefWe have discovered who we are at the deepest level.

We now know that we are not only the body-mind-ego. They are aspects of who we are, but transitory - waves on the surface - and we experience them from the position of the ocean. 

We now know we are the wave AND ocean, but we have only just started to sense the vastness of this knowledge.

The ego has not dissolved completely, in fact is never does, but we have begun to know when it arises. Gradually this 'seeing' or 'sensing' of the ego becomes clearer, and as it does, the ego is losing its power to take us over.

We do not yet know how tenacious the ego is, but it has lost its cloak of invisibility.

We now know how the ego has been at the root of all our suffering and how much pain it can cause to us and others, so we have become vigilant to its influence. It can now only gain access to our mind when it sneaks in. It is no longer in the driving seat of our lives, but its still there in the background.

In this phase of Awakening, for most of us, the new state of 'Presence', or 'Being In The Now', is available and with us at times, but is not yet very established so the ego, constructed from long-held beliefs, our complex deep rooted psychological structure, memories and projections, is always there, ready to attempt to reassert itself, given a chance.

Outside influences no longer have as much pulling power, but we can still be dragged back into unconsciousness by the right stimulus. 

We now know what Awakening is. This new state of being is gradually becoming our new normal.