What does it mean to Awaken?

Awakening is a process that usually begins with a realisation that there is a 'You' behind your thinking - a kind of separation from thoughts takes place. There is a sense that how you always thought of yourself was not right and there is more to the totality of who you are.

In our minds, until Awakening starts to happen, we feel and think that we know who we are. We believe in our thinking - it tells us about ourselves. We believe in our thoughts and we believe that we are our body, mind, feelings, emotions.

Awakening is the process of coming to know that our body, mind, feelings, emotions are only the tip of the iceberg of the wholeness that we are. 

Awakening to this knowledge is not a thought - it is a realisation that is deeper than thought. 

It can be a sudden experience to know this, but usually it comes to us gradually. 

When this happens it is unmistakable, but until it does, you cannot understand what it could be like. Why? Because the mind believes it knows what reality is and beliefs only crumble when a new experience proves them to be wrong.

Awakening is waking up FROM the mind. For this reason it is often a shock – we are amazed to discover that the mind is limited and could not know anything about the full extent of reality!

In a way, Awakening is literally like waking from a dream. However the waking up is not back into the reality of day-to-day life, but instead into an entirely new seeing of life. 

It’s as if you have woken into a sunlit room, peaceful, knowing you can cope with any difficulties that come along. However, just like the transition from deep sleep to wakefulness, Awakening can be quite disorienting. 

In a dream everything seems real. If you wake slowly it takes a few moments to realise it has been a dream. The great thing is, if you were having a bad dream, there is a huge sense of relief when you realise it was not real.   

Awakening is the journey of discovering that you are so much more than mind-body-psychological-self.

Awakening is the coming out of unconsciousness into awareness.

Once Awakening has begun, whether it is a gradual realisation or through an unexpected spiritual experience, there is no turning back because you cannot unlearn what you now know. More importantly, you have touched the peace and joy that is at the centre of where you now know you are headed. 

The journey is unique to each person, but no matter how long or challenging, the extraordinary destination far exceeds any bumps along the way. 

The result of Awakening is freedom, inner peace and a sublime sense of flowing with life.

Awakening is the first clear watershed moment when you realise you are not who you thought you were, from there onward, it is a never ending story.