Astrology and Relationships

Relationships…to navigate them we need maps! Can astrology be helpful? 

Do you believe that there is more to life than just our normal sensory experience, like something in the background, the current in a river, influencing the direction of our lives? 

Astrology is one of many methods that claim to attempt to read this mysterious flow. But can we accept that it is possible to relate our tiny individual lives to the limitless cosmos? Does astrology offer a way to see a hidden map, and through this, give us guidance? Is it conceivable that we could discover anything about who we are, our behaviour and our relationships, by looking out at the planets and stars? 

Ultimately, we have to discover the answers to these questions through our own personal experience, and we may be slow learners because we will resist accepting anything we cannot easily explain. 

Our ego-self tries to work out how to deal with the world based on what we can know, see and make sense of. Anything we cannot prove through our senses is usually dismissed, even if somehow deep down there is a nagging feeling that there might be something in it! We particularly reject anything that seems to take something away from us or that challenges our beliefs. But when our best laid plans don’t work out or we feel lost, astrology can help to shine light on the unconscious imprints that influence all that happens. 

Interpretation in astrology is endlessly complicated and nuanced, but there are some aspects of general agreement. One of these is that our sun sign does tell us something about our likely compatibility with another. In an intimate relationship, if basic compatibility is good, then differences that cause friction can be worked through. The key is the degree to which each partner is genuinely open to look at their own ego-self. If both partners are awake to what is behind the surface of life then what is shown by astrological analysis can help understanding. Astrology can show where our own and our partner’s characteristics are negatively influencing our relationship. This naturally helps us avoid our destructive tendencies and become more accepting of our partner’s behaviour.

When a relationship has lots of good in it, but the karma that brought two people together has been worked out, one or both are not always willing to listen to their intuition. We tend to hold on because we are addicted to what was or is still there, and we also feel we may never get it anywhere else. But the truth is, if a relationship is meant to continue, both partners will remain fully committed to it, even in the face of difficulties. If one or both are resisting the current that is trying to take them on to a new experience, then both are out of the flow of life. 

The extent to which the subtle imprints can impact our behaviour is exactly a reflection of how aware or 'conscious' of them we are. However, even when we are aware, they are so deeply rooted that their influences continue to have an effect, so we must stay vigilant. 

In a relationship where there is a big a gap between how conscious each partner is, there cannot be the depth of communication needed to transcend the root causes of problems. In this case we have to decide if we are willing to continue, or if it is better to move on and create space for a more compatible relationship to manifest.