I know it in my heart

Can your heart guide you to the truth?

At some stage in our life most of us get drawn towards attempting to find deeper meaning. We seek answers to questions like ...how did this happen to me? ...why do I feel so lost? ...what's my real purpose? 

There are countless books, videos, therapies and techniques that promise answers through classes, courses, motivational and life strategies. And certainly there are proven types of analysis, learning and self help that can be useful. But almost all of these are employing the mind to look at the mind. Is it then surprising that we can run into road blocks? Isn't it true that after progress and apparent change for the better, more questions keep coming? The simple fact is, thinking about thinking can only ever get us so far. 

Albert Einstein said: 

“I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

There are also esoteric or religious philosophies that can provide a road map for life and serve as a place of refuge and support in times of trouble and distress. These give the follower a sense of comfort and meaning. The problem is, we can get caught in all kinds of concepts and ideas, especially because conceptual explanations for the many experiences and phenomena that science, technology and psychology cannot explain, require a leap of faith into belief - and belief is defined as something we hold to be true, in the absence of evidence!

Spiritual texts, teachers and gurus, if their knowledge is refined and genuine, can offer guidance that takes us beyond the mind - and this is where the deeper answers really lie. But teachings can sound mystical or unintelligible if we only attempt to understand with the brain. Deeper insight will always escape us until we can somehow set thinking aside enough to let the heart gain access to what is being pointed to. 

Actually, the heart is always responding (we often call this intuition), but it is easy to ignore what the heart is telling us because quite often there are no facts to back it up. But if we are having a 'whole-being' experience that is telling us something - often described as "I know it in my heart" - shouldn't we at least listen, even if the head is in total disagreement!? 

It is really important that we use our intuitive sense to feel what is true because so much 'accepted knowledge' and even spiritual teaching, comes out of the egoic state of consciousness, and our minds can easily mistake this for real wisdom.

When we know how to listen with the heart, truth and the deeper answers to life's eternal questions can reveal themselves, and we may discover that profound insight only ever arises from beyond the mind. 

Then where is it coming from, we might ask? Well that of course is THE question...