Random Musings

The following items are taken from posts I have written on Facebook, or in response to questions, and as follow-up to meetings - I hope you find them useful / interesting / thought-provoking...




Once we step back to watch everything that is experienced by the personal sense of self/ego it all takes on an increasingly ephemeral, less dense quality.


Most poetry seems to me just words, sometimes cleverly put together, but sublime poetry is beyond words.

The mind

All troubles are part of the life experience - the flow of manifest existence. We have our part to play but we have a tendency to believe we know how things should go. If we can stop our mind latching on to everything and instead settle back into 'being', then necessary action is more measured and harmonious. The trick is to recognise the tendency (we all have), to try to run scenarios of what might/could/should happen and then think, think, think about it all. Can you recognise this happening in you then stop, so you are not feeding the thinking? Come back to the present moment each time. Then move your attention to sensing 'beingness', or thinking about a teaching. Repeat this over and over and you will find that the thoughts lose their power to drag you in, and with this comes such relief!

The mind looks at what it finds interesting, and if that happens to be the profound questions about existence, then eventually it has to discover that all beliefs fall away, and only that which has been experienced can be called real.

Nature of experience

All experience flares up like a lit match, and this can be watched. When watched, the flame cannot combine with that which is watching it, so will burn out.

Experiences arise in the manifest aspect of you, and experiences are watched, but if the watcher is also part of experience, then is there something beyond both that knows this?

In my experience there is both the material/manifest which is real in the sense that I experience it. But simultaneously I experience its non-reality.

Whilst we have a body, with all its needs, attachments etc, we are fragile and vulnerable ...anything can happen at any time to threaten us. Feeling some background anxiety is just a natural response. It gets exaggerated and out of proportion when we don't step back and out of the ego-self that is the experiencer.


The more we know, the more we know we don't know.

I know, as a living reality, that everything material/manifest is also an aspect of an unknowable All. 

The Now

Living In The Now is a great concept, but very difficult to do! We get swallowed up by our thinking and day-to-day lives and forget to stay 'present', but the fact is, the past has gone and the future will come when it comes. Relax about it - but keep coming back to the moment when you remember to!

Misunderstanding non-duality

Any teaching that suggests that you are not the doer and therefore your actions are not your responsibility, is a false teaching and whoever is saying it, and whoever believes it are totally unaware that their ego still runs them.


Belief is such a strange phenomenon...the closer it is examined, the less viable it is revealed to be!

Doesn't it ultimately come back to whether we believe or know something? If everyone used that test about everything, all human life would be transformed!