What am I meant to do?

We are like little waves on the surface of a vast ocean.

Our bodily needs, instincts, desires and beliefs are magnets for our attention and so we think, speak and do. We are like a tiny part of the ocean that rises up and becomes a wave - it has a greater purpose as an aspect of the whole, but it gets carried away with the experience of being a wave - it forgets where it comes from.

The key to unlock your life is realising that all experiences are only on the surface. This is usually only a concept to begin with, but at some point it shifts into a ‘knowing’, then eventually becomes a permanent reality deep inside. You are there in the stillness, observing what happens. On the surface you still enjoy, do, and cope with all that life brings, but never again become lost in the external so much that it overtakes or overwhelms you. 

The wave then realises it is just a temporary expression of the whole ocean. You know that all your thoughts are just thoughts and your feelings are just feelings…ultimately not as important as you once believed them to be. You come to realise that it is possible to use your mind for thinking, planning, researching, relating to the outside world - and to ignore all the nonsense it can manifest.

Believe in the glimpses you have had of the inner you - they are real, and continue to seek out that deeper sense of 'the watcher'. Spend time in that place, deepen the connection through meditation and contemplation. If you are already stable in that state, relax into it, marinate in it and the unfolding will continue and continue... It is a beautiful thing.

Through all this, as life goes on, follow your inner voice and as you merge ever more deeply with where you come from, it will speak more clearly and you will naturally move towards what feels right as it comes along, then you will know what you are here to do. Be patient, the currents will take you where you are meant to go in their own time. Stay with this knowledge. Be open. Don't push. You will feel what is right because it motivates you and gives you deep satisfaction. Allow your desires to be there, but don’t let them take you away from your truth. What you do and all relationships will evolve naturally into what is right for you. Reside as the ocean, and life will flow.