What is Spiritual Guidance?

Why are things the way they are?

We often feel frustrated, or suffer emotionally painful experiences. We struggle to find a way through. We naturally attempt to work things out through intellectual analysis and mind-made interpretation, but no matter how much we think or believe we have discovered answers, even if we apparently solve a particular problem, more questions always arise, and life ultimately never seems to get any easier. 

Often this leads us to attempt to seek deeper meaning. We look to all kinds of sources, trying to satisfy this desire for understanding.

This never ending search comes about because the mind and the material world are only surface aspects of the totality of our existence.

To find true ease and understanding we must explore deeper through quiet contemplation. This involves looking for what lies in-between thoughts and behind sensation. Through this exploration we can come to a realisation that there is a sense of 'quiet presence' in the background.

With practice it becomes possible to rest in this 'place' and 'observe' everything that happens in our outward experience. We gradually find we are disengaged from the express train of the mind, the turmoil of emotion and the turbulence of day-to-day life. When this state becomes more stable, we increasingly see everything in our life in fuller perspective. 

So what is this 'place'? Have we found our spirit or soul? What is this? Has it always been there? Why does it feel that it has a quality of peace and serenity?

If we do not get caught up analysing or naming it, or looking to any religious belief system to define it, we can simply learn to deepen our connection, and with this, the answers to "why did this or that happen?", "what's life all about?", "what's my purpose?" gradually reveal themselves. We then find we flow with and respond more harmoniously to events and situations. 

Spiritual guidance can help us to look within and rediscover our own Self - our true inner guide.