This contemplation, is on choices and decisions.

We are faced with choices and decisions every day, and often we're uncertain.

What should I do - which way is best?

Some believe completely in the power of the mind to analyse and determine the best way forward.

Others rely on intuition, the inner voice or gut feeling.

Still more say - follow the heart.

So how do we know which signs are most right when no resolution is obvious, or we feel stuck and unsure?

Our thinking mind and intellect must review what can be known - the facts and information available.

But as our connection to our true self deepens, the mystical forms of guidance somehow speak more clearly.

And the more we come to trust them.

To consciously access this deeper and wise counsel...

...practise dropping into the silence that lies beneath the turbulence of the mind...

...and from that place, ask with openness and humility to be guided to your highest purpose.

Then, as you move forward, stay patient.

Use your mind to explore possibilities - but be prepared to wait for the answer.

Remain open to what unfolds in front of you.

Always and only follow that which feels most right.

Any sense of unease or discomfort about a particular course of action...PAY ATTENTION.

Be cautious of the rational mind trying to dismiss these inner warning signs.

If a decision is forced on you, before you really know which way is best for you...

...take the least decision possible in that moment.

There will be difficulties.

Mistakes will be made.

Dead ends, harsh experiences.

But try not to dwell on anything that's happened.

Hidden meaning is pointless to go looking for.

This is just wasted energy.

Accept that we don't know.

It is as it is.

It's all part of the mystery.