As winds and tide cause waves on the ocean, an unseen creative impulse sets our purpose.

Our surface experience of day-to-day life is born in the depths, in something we simply cannot know through our mind. 

The wave is a temporary expression of the ocean, dancing on the surface, below which, powerful currents move.

All waves have their purpose but not separate from the movement of the ocean.

Spend time in the depth of being and the greater purpose is glimpsed - gradually revealed.

Merging with the ocean the realisation deepens.

The wave travels across the surface, the hidden currents guiding it. 

Following what brings joy and satisfaction, is right and kind, all things move as they should, answers emerge, and the surface calms.

Waves are born in the ocean, have their role, and eventually subside.

The ocean remains.

You are a wave, but the ocean too.