Some say there is no (spiritual) Journey because there's Nowhere To Go and no such thing as Time.

What does this mean, and is it a helpful contribution to understanding?
Let's take a quick look...

Essentially what they are suggesting is along the lines of how great sages have said things like "I Am That" (Sri Nisargadatta), or “There is neither Past nor Future. There is only the Present.” (Ramana Maharshi). 

A problem arises when people come to think this means that it is possible to levitate from the foothills to the summit.

This kind of wrong belief has its roots in an expansion of consciousness that has occurred in a person that has been mistaken as a higher knowing than it really is. 

Experiencing revelations is simply how awakening progresses, but when a really profound expansion of consciousness occurs, it is like an overload, and all the mind can do is form ideas and concepts around it's new perception. There is nothing wrong with this, it is all that the mind can do, but the ego aspect of mind can easily grasp onto this newly acquired expanded consciousness, and come to believe that it is in possession of 'higher truths'.

All beliefs are obstacles to the further expansion of consciousness, so anyone who believes there is no journey, or similar ideas, the question to them is: before you came to 'know' that there is no journey, or that you are 'Already That', did you not go looking, seeking to find deeper understanding? And do you now know All-There-Is and live in Eternal Knowing?

The truth is that the mind perceives coming and going, starting and ending. It experiences all of life, both inner and outer, as a journey of discovery. Whether physical, mental or spiritual, we travel from not knowing to knowing.

In the case of the Inner Journey, it is a process of discovering what we are NOT - and the discovery that we are not our thoughts and beliefs is a huge revelation. 

Later along the way we also come to know that our 'beingness' or 'soul' will finally and permanently at some point rediscover that it is one with All-That-Is, and perhaps then, from that perspective it may be known that there never was a journey - but until then any such ideas and concepts should be dropped, or held very lightly, and a watchful eye must be kept on the ego and its ever-present tendency to grab hold of anything that gives it hope of survival.