When we wake up in the morning, our conscious awareness expands from the sleep state. We first become aware that we were asleep.

Our conscious awareness then quickly expands further to our immediate surroundings, our thoughts, feelings and body - then to the wider physical world.

However, our conscious awareness can only expand as far the 'fog' allows.

We cannot know how limited our awareness is until some of the 'fog' disperses or 'burns off'.

We therefore take the content of the 'fog' to be 'who we are' and what we know.

This is always a limited, and ultimately wrong conclusion because what lies deeper, or 'beyond' the 'fog' - continues to remain hidden from view.

Before 'Spiritual' Awakening begins, we may have a vague sense there is more to life. It's like a nagging feeling that something is missing.

We don't feel 'complete'.

We try to find ways to 'complete' us - but nothing quite does - or if it seems to for a while, the feeling always comes back. 

This 'feeling of lack' applies to our outer life of things and people, and also to our inner sense of 'who we are'.

When the 'fog' first begins to 'burn off', many aspects of life start to make more sense. And from that moment we feel compelled to explore further. 

This is the beginning of our 'conscious' Inner Journey.

Expanding Conscious Awareness