What are you consciously aware of?

Whatever it is, you perceive it through your body and mind. 

And your conscious awareness is constantly changing.

As a baby it was limited to what you experienced through your body. 

Then, during your early years, you gradually became aware of your thoughts and feelings - then increasingly self-conscious as you navigated your way in the world. 

This process of the evolution of our consciousness continues throughout our life. 

But there is another dimension to our conscious awareness that, to begin with, we tend to dismiss, because it seems irrational to our logical mind.

It is often called intuition, but it can take many 'mystical' forms.

In you, this 'other' dimension became so undeniable, you felt compelled to give it your attention, especially because your mind could not make logical sense of what you were perceiving.

Although this experience is unique in each of us, what seems common to all, is that it marks the beginning of the journey of Spiritual Awakening.

What has apparently happened is that our consciousness has evolved further - or expanded outward - and with it, so too has our conscious awareness and perception.

It is like, when driving in dense fog, the headlights suddenly penetrate further, revealing more of the road ahead.

No2 - What Is The Fog?