Some say there is no such thing as a spiritual journey... 

What does this mean?

Let's take a quick look...

When people say this, they may be suggesting something along the lines of Mahayana Buddhist teachings of "You Are Already Enlightened" - or how some sages, for example Ramana Maharshi, said : “You are already that which you seek.” 

And it may be true that, on reaching the destination, it becomes known there never was a journey - because we discover what we already are!

But just because it could be true, does this mean it is possible to somehow levitate to the summit by believing there is no mountain?

No, of course not. 

But many come to believe they already have.

This kind of spiritual belief can arise after we read or hear statements that deeply resonate with us.

The mind immediately starts to imagine what is being pointed to - and unconsciously these imaginings become like a phantom reality.

Another example is of being enlightened. 

The process of awakening is the expansion of our consciousness. It happens mostly subtly but sometimes through profound spiritual experiences. When these occur the mind can easily imagine that what was, or is being experienced, is actually the enlightened state.

I know this happens because I went through it myself, eventually waking up from that delusion.

The truth is, we only know what we actually know - and everything else is imagination that has become belief.

If there really is no spiritual journey, we will discover this once we have arrived at the destination.

Until then, the journey continues!