Question : What are we consciously aware of?

Answer : Our inner and outer perceptions.

And these perceptions are constantly changing...

In the very early years of childhood we are not conscious that we are aware. We just live life instinctively, without conscious thought.

Then, at some point, we become consciously aware of our thoughts and feelings. One could say we 'awaken' to the fact that we have thoughts and feelings.

Once we become aware of our thoughts and feelings, we begin to reflect, and seek understanding, and try to learn more about what we are perceiving.

This 'self' reflection leads to an expanding conscious awareness of our surroundings and our experiences.

Our conscious awareness then continues to expand throughout our life. In most of us this happens imperceptibly or in small steps, but in some, it can happen in huge leaps.

To begin with we perceive almost exclusively through our physical senses. Then... we notice how we also perceive through intuition. 

Intuition is our non-physical means of perception.

Intuition is often associated to the idea of 'spirit' because 'spirit' is defined as the non-physical aspect of the human 'self'.

Spirit is sometimes thought of as the the 'heart', or the 'soul', in the human being.

At some point in our lives our intuition, or 'spiritual', non-physical perception, takes on greater importance for us.

We each experience this shift towards 'intuitive sense', or 'spiritual perception', in a unique way - but when it becomes prominent in our lives, many say this is a 'Spiritual' Awakening.

What seems to have happened is that our conscious awareness has 'expanded' again - but this time in a different direction.

Rather than outward to the material physical world, our conscious awareness has expanded into previously hidden 'deeper' dimensions of existence.

And as a consequence of this 'expanded' awareness, everything in our life - outwardly and inwardly - begins to be 'known' more fully.

It's like, when driving in dense fog, the headlights penetrate further, revealing more of the road ahead.

What Is The Fog?