What is Art in-Meditation (AiM)?

What is Art in-Meditation (AiM)?

When making art, the mind automatically slows down and we begin to feel more relaxed, our thoughts seem to be floating above us so that we do not engage with them as much - but this is not permanent - the mind soon starts to criticise and judge what we are doing, creating expectations of how the results should be. In meditation the mind and body begin to settle down towards a state of rest, dissolving stress and restoring physiological balance, bringing attention to the present moment. And even if thoughts arise, we can let them pass, and remain in a state of presence.

Later in my career I naturally started to use aspects of my meditation practice in my work as a visual artist. I realised that my long experience of meditation, where I used methods to help quiet my mind and stay present, had become extremely important in the creative process.

When it came to teaching, I knew this discovery would be valuable for others because when the mind is full there is little opportunity for something new to arise, whilst in meditation, a space is created where inspiration can blossom. I call it 'Art in-Meditation', or AiM, for short. With this methodology you will find that your mind becomes passive and the body connects profoundly with any subject and you can let the senses and the materials guide you, developing an intuitive approach to making art.

At the studio we offer art classes and workshops for children and adults in a psychologically safe environment, because when applying meditation to art, we learn to let go of the incessant self-dialogue and criticism that affects us negatively and stops us from being truly creative. Each class starts and ends with a short meditation, (meditation instruction is available and included) and we also encourage you to practice this in your day-to-day activities. Throughout the class we use meditative methods to control the mind and help sustain the state of quietness that is essential for creativity.

The classes are designed to help you explore the material and subject at your own pace; we do not have “recipes” to follow or results to pursue, because we believe that uncertainty allows you to create with freedom. We are here to guide you to explore the natural creativity you already have and discover your own potentialities.

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Private Art Tuition can also be arranged at the studio or in your home,

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