This contemplation is on grief and loss.

If you feel intense grief and loss...

...retreat inside and see if you can find where the emotions are coming from?

With enough investigation.

At some point, a realisation happens...

I am not my emotions!

Emotions are there.

But "I" - am also there - so to speak.

Put your attention into that sense of "I"...

Emotions will keep jumping in pulling for your attention.

But keep returning to the sense of "I".

This "I" is not involved with the emotions.

Emotions are very powerful magnetic forces.

But if attention is placed firmly on "I"...

...their power slowly begins to fade.

What is this "I"...?

Discover the answer by placing your attention in it, as often as possible.

Feel inside for this presence of "I".

Find the place from which it comes...

Not a physical location, but a quiet space that lies behind the experience of emotion.

Your "I" is in the same realm as the eternal - I - that is shared by every being.

The "I" that you sense never actually dies.

Only the body dies.

The stronger your connection to your "I"...

...the less powerful emotions become.

Fall back into the true inner "I" every time emotions become painful.

Remember to do this by using an item of some kind that you carry with you at all times... a bracelet or a special coin.

When you contemplate the sense of "I" - use it - have it in your hands.

Place your attention on it.

Associate that sense of peace, the "I" that you are with the item...

And then when emotions come over you, make contact with the item.

Place your attention into it and into the deep sense of "I".

Feel the peace that is there.

If you persevere with this simple practise, one day you will have the amazing revelation, that

the feeling of loss - any memory that may arise - is also accompanied by love.

The pain will have gone.....and you will smile.