This contemplation is entitled:

You Are Not The Doer.

This is a phrase commonly found in spiritual teachings.

But does it mean that everything is predestined?

Is, as some say, our sense of free will an illusion?

Perhaps, at the ultimate level, if there is a creator, maybe we are given our destiny and all things are orchestrated.

But this is not everyday experience.

At the level of our personal reality...

...we clearly do have responsibility for our conduct...

and the world is affected by our actions.

We do make choices and take decisions.

Along the way on our inner journey, a realisation does come that we are not as separate as we once believed...

...that there is a mysterious connectedness to all things...

...a current that is carrying us along.

We may even have the sense that we are moving through life as observers to all that is happening.

But however we perceive things or what we may believe, the greater design, purpose and unfolding of life,

will always be beyond our limited understanding.

The Great Mystics have always said that all is one - and science is now able to prove this.

So - based on our own experience...

And as can be shown in our known reality...

The sense of separateness is the illusion.

But as aspects of all that is - as part of - IT - how can we not have an influence in it?

We may not be able to decide in which concert hall we perform, or which instrument we play...

But in this life, it must be that every member of the orchestra works on the composition and plays the music.