Who we are

John Foster

Apart from five years in the USA in my 20’s, I have always lived in the south of England, starting my own business in the 80’s that I ran for 30 years. My parents were teachers and my father also an Anglican priest. I'm a dog lover, nature lover and deeply grateful for every day. My inner journey has been guided by synchronistic events that first pointed me toward Eastern teachings then to karmic astrology and tantric philosophy. A shift in consciousness took place in my early 50’s and almost overnight the thoughts and beliefs that had seemed so vital to my existence lost their all-consuming pull. Inner space opened up and a connectedness with the flow of life became my permanent experience. Soon after this happened, I started to run workshops on a range of esoteric subjects. Later I began to provide one-to-one counselling and lead Satsang sessions. My aim is to share awakening with others who are seeking truth, connecting ever more deeply with the peace and stillness that is the essence of our true nature.

Mariana Acevedo

I was born in Chile, where I worked as a designer and also attended a renowned artist’s oil painting studio for 9 years. I came to the UK to study Fine Art in Oxford Brookes University, and now have a BA in Fine Art (1st class) and an MFA in Fine Art. I am a UK based visual artist and my work is mainly developed in oil painting, photography and collage. I position myself as a mindfulness artist, therefore observation in stillness has an important role. Nature, with its world of phenomena and appearance, which is mainly my subject, is in constant change, but there is something in the background that exists on its own, a clear and natural energy, a primordial awareness, a truth; and when observing, I seek this truth, to see what is behind the obvious, normally unnoticed. Over a decade practicing yoga and meditation deeply influenced how I make art, and now it has been the foundation of the development of a teaching method that I have called Art in-Meditation (AiM). This is the basis of all the art classes offered through our website.