We often feel frustrated or suffer painful experiences. We struggle to find a way through. We attempt to work things out. But no matter how much we think or believe we have discovered answers, more questions always come. 

At some point we attempt to seek deeper meaning. 

We look to all kinds of sources, trying to satisfy our desire for understanding.

This seemingly never-ending search comes about because the mind cannot reach into the hidden causes of all that happens.  

To find lasting ease we must explore deeper, through quiet contemplation. 

At some point we come to the realisation that there is no way the mind could ever have know the answers!

This can lead to feeling lost, unsure what meaning there is, depression can even grip us - but this is just a phase. 

Before too long a further realisation occurs - we get in touch with a deeper sense of 'being' within us. 

With practice it becomes possible to rest in this place and observe life. We gradually find we are disengaging from the express train of the mind, the turmoil of emotion. When this state becomes more stable, we increasingly see everything in in fuller perspective. 

In time, questions like: "why did such-and-such happen?", "what's life all about?", "what's my purpose?" lose importance and eventually drop altogether.

Why does this happen?

Because we know that it is all beyond our understanding - and all that really matters is to reside in the 'beingness' and everything will reveal itself in its rightful time.

We surrender to what is, without fear of falling.