Can you let your heart guide you?

If the heart could be trusted to guide us in our lives, this would be a contradiction to the belief that only the brain is the 'processor of information'. 

The brain and our intellect are remarkable. We know so much, but isn't it true that the more we know, the more we discover there is to know?

This applies to all things, including when we seek to find out more about ourselves and the mysteries of life.

There are plenty of theories, tools of analysis, practices, and we can make progress and experience positive changes in our lives. But more questions always come. 

The simple fact is, thinking about thinking has its limits.

Albert Einstein said: 

“I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

So how do we go beyond the mind and intellect?

Spiritual texts and teachings offer guidance, but these can sound very mystical or even unintelligible if we attempt to 'understand' them. Deeper insight will always escape us until we can somehow set thinking aside so that we gain access to a deeper knowing - and this is often called 'heart knowing'. 

Not literally the physical organ of the heart, but the center of our being.

The 'heart' is always responding to what we perceive and experience - we call it intuition - but it is easy to ignore because there are no clear facts to back up what we sense. 

For this reason, when we are seeking answers, usually the head wins the argument. 

But, looking back, often we find that our intuition was right after all.

Eventually, usually after the mind reaches a moment of despair or exhaustion, we become open to the profound insight that the deeper truths of life have their origins in our 'heart'.