The mind is an excitable Child

The mind is an excitable Child

If we can stop our mind latching on to everything that arises in front of it, life will flow so much more smoothly. 

It may seem less exciting but there is a subtle excitement in being in the flow with life!

Instead of following every thought to act in every situation, try settling back into 'being', then necessary action is more measured and harmonious. 

The trick is to recognise the tendency (we all have), to try to run scenarios of what might/could/should happen and then think, think, think about it all. Can you recognise this happening in you then stop, so you are not feeding the thinking? Come back to the present moment each time. Then move your attention to sensing 'beingness'. 

Repeat this over and over and you will find that the thoughts lose their power to drag you in, and with this comes such relief!