Through the Clouds

Through the Clouds

When we are in the dense cloud of a deeply troubled mind, talking about our thoughts and feelings to a good listener can temporarily take us to higher ground.

But we will never find lasting freedom in the cloud. We need to rise higher, so we can see the sun.

Bringing attention away from our mind and emotions is incredibly difficult, but until we can, we stay in the dark.

Anything that involves the mind or the senses will at best be just a short ride above the clouds.

Keep a book of spiritual teaching by your bedside, read a sentence or two each night and then allow the words to float in your mind before sleep. Every morning, a minute or two sitting quietly sensing the space and light that lies behind thinking.

Bring attention to that which lies behind thinking.

Become established in blue sky and sunshine.

Persevere, and little by little the clouds disappear.