What should I do, which way should I go? 

This is a thought/feeling we get so often!

Some believe in the power of the mind. Others say: Follow your heart. Trust your gut. Listen to your 'inner voice', or use your intuition...

So, there are two forces at work guiding our choices.

Our experience tells us that we always find it essential to use our mind, but as the connection to our inner self deepens, the stronger the mystical guidance becomes - and the more we come to trust it, and know that it is wiser.

To consciously access this deeper and wiser counsel, practice (every day) dropping into the silence that lies beneath the turbulence of the mind.

From that place ask from your heart, with openness and humility, to be guided to your highest purpose.

And then - as you move forward, stay patient - use your mind to explore possibilities, but be prepared to wait for the answer. Remain open to what unfolds in front of you.

Always and only follow that which feels most right.

There will be difficulties, dead ends and harsh experiences - but don't attempt to find meaning - it is all part of the mystery.