Connect with Presence

Connect with Presence
'Presence', is described in spiritual teachings. But it is not a presence of anything, so it is actually emptiness. 

Presence is a state that is empty of thoughts.

Here is a practice that will gradually help you to increase your connection with the presence of emptiness.

As often as you can, at least once a day, ideally soon after you wake up in the morning and again later in the day, spend a couple of minutes consciously 'letting everything go'.  

Sit, close your eyes, start to relax. 

Feel comfortable, like sitting on a quiet beach in the warm sun. 

Look for any tensions in your body and allow that part of the body to feel heavy and relaxed. 

Take a few deep breaths and relax more on each out-breath. 

Don't try to do anything - just relax.

Let your breathing gently go back to normal, stay relaxed.

Your body stays sitting, but imagine and visualise yourself gently leaning backward, being supported. 

Imagine your body feeling fully supported and relaxed.

Imagine your body being supported but your deeper self is sinking backward and down through whatever you are resting on. 

It feels natural and easy. Your deeper self now sinks further and watches the surface from below. 

You leave your body on the surface. 

Leave everything of the world on the surface. 

Watch the surface as you sink into welcoming emptiness.

Allow yourself to continue sinking, without any discomfort or worries. 

Everything stays on the surface. The world and all that's in it. 

Your body stays on the surface. Your name and who think you are. Your thoughts. Your ego. All stay on the surface.

Your deeper self is emptiness. Place your attention into the feeling of emptiness. 

Watch any energies of thoughts and feelings. Let them play on the surface as you slowly sink away into welcoming peaceful emptiness. 

Thoughts, sounds and sensations that appear - let them drift away. They are shadows. They belong to the surface. 

As anything comes, see it then let it drift back upward away from you to the surface as you sink ever deeper. 

Feel your inner self in the depth of your being staying there.

Continuing letting everything go.

Everything you see in your mind's eye, let it go. 

Everything that arises in your consciousness, let it go. 

Each time anything comes - it is just an echo with no substance - let it go. 

You continue to sink deeper into welcoming emptiness. 

Stay in the presence of emptiness. 


At some point you will decide to slowly allow yourself to come back, and as you reach the surface re-join your body, your thoughts, all experience - and the world.