Expect or Accept

Expect or Accept

When we buy something, it is natural to have expectations of its quality, and we will feel disappointed if they are not met. 

Within relationships we also have expectations. And these are often not met. But when we express disappointment it is easy to cause offense, create irritation or anger. Even when we try to hide our feelings or say nothing, the other person may sense the negative energy. And if they do, resentment will result.

So how do we solve this difficult problem? 

If we can accept the reality that every person is being exactly who they are in that moment or situation, we tend to drop our expectations. Its not that we drop our standards - its just that we no longer unconsciously project our own beliefs or desires. 

Until we can do this we are bound to create the potential for disappointment in us, and a corresponding sense of being judged in the other.

Accept deeply that no person can be any other way than they are in that moment. 

We are all evolving little by little, but right now, this is how we are.

When we acknowledge this truth at the deepest level, it becomes so much easier to accept rather than expect.

Accept the reality of the moment. Drop all effort to impose opinions, preferences and beliefs.

We must carry on doing what we hope is the right thing, but when we act from a place of acceptance, people feel it. They stop sensing they are being judged. Their ego stands down.

This takes tension out of every interaction. And the result is more inner peace for you and increased harmony and happiness in your relationships.