I know it in my Heart

I know it in my Heart

Can you let your heart guide you?

If the heart could be trusted to guide us in our lives, this would be a contradiction to the belief that only the mind is a 'processor of information'. 

The brain and our intellect are remarkable. We can know so much - and yet when we attempt to understand life and seek answers from our mind, the more we know, the more we discover there is to know. 

After learning, being taught new tools of analysis, or practicing new techniques of introspection, progress and apparent change in our lives can happen. But more questions always come. 

The simple fact is, thinking about thinking can only ever get us so far. 

Albert Einstein said: 

“I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

So how do we get beyond the mind and intellect?

Spiritual texts and teachings offer guidance, but these can sound very mystical or even unintelligible if we attempt to 'understand' them. Deeper insight will always escape us until we can somehow set thinking aside enough to let the heart gain access to what is being pointed to. 

Actually, the heart is always responding to what we perceive and experience (we call it intuition), but it is easy to ignore what the heart is telling us because most of the time there are no facts to back up what we sense. 

The head usually wins the argument. But how often have our first feelings or intuition proved to be right? 

When we are seeking answers it is vital that we use our intuition to feel what is true or right. 

The reality is that most mental ideas, 'accepted wisdom' and spiritual or religious concepts come out of the egoic state of consciousness - and are deeply flawed. We only sense this if we listen from the 'inner place' of the heart.

At some point, usually after the mind reaches a moment of despair or exhaustion, we discover that the profound insights and deeper truths have their origins in our 'heart', beyond the mind and ego.

When we know how to connect to the heart, the answers to life's eternal questions are revealed.