Nothing cannot create Everything

Nothing cannot create Everything

The first words in the Bible: 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' 

Don't we all have to agree that without some kind of beginning we wouldn't be here? And how can there be a beginning without something to make that beginning happen?

Nothing is nothing, isn't it? Nothing is zero. Nothing is the absence of anything. No-thing. Empty.

How can anything spontaneously happen out of nothing?

Nothing has nothing in it, so nothing can come from it. 

So - in the beginning, there had to be something! Something must have always there.

Perhaps it was a kind of potentiality, infinitely always there until it's potential began to actualise.

From beyond knowing, an impulse to know.

The first aspect of all to arise must have been consciousness because without consciousness, how could there have been an awareness that anything could be created?

So perhaps the birth of our known universe was not a big bang, not a 'happening' at all as we understand it, more an unknowable impulse into conscious awareness. And with it, awareness of the potential to create. And with this, creation had begun.

All these words: consciousness, awareness, creation - just attempts by the human mind to describe ideas and experiences from our limited human perspective.

We have invented many words too for what we imagine the original creative impulse to be: God, Absolute, Source, Brahman, Consciousness.

Whatever it is, all that exists must emenate from it and must be aspects of it.

We originate in and are aspects of the creative impulse out of which all has arisen.