Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

When we are in the darkness of a troubled mind, offloading to a good listener can provide relief. 

It is like pouring the froth off. 

But the stuff underneath that caused the froth is still there.

What is needed is to disempower that stuff. And to do this, we need to take attention off it. External distractions may give temporary relief, but long term healing can only come from one place - our inner self.

It is incredibly difficult to bring attention away from our troubles and busy mind, so we need a distraction, a new focus, rather than trying to fight the old patterns.

It also needs to be simple plan because anything that involves the mind too much defeats the object of quietening the mind!

Gradually we need to bring attention little by little away from all the stuff in our minds and into our inner self. 

I recommend keeping one book of spiritual teaching by your bedside. Read just a sentence or two each night and then allow those words to float in your mind before sleep. Then every morning, just for a minute or two, sit quietly and 'feel, sense' the space that lies behind your thinking.

The momentum of your mind and day to day life will continue to be there and strongly pull your attention. So you need to commit and have the self discipline to make sure you do these two things every day, even when you don't feel like it, or the mind tells you it is not helping. 

Keep going through the struggle. Persevere. It will get easier. As long as you keep going, it will bear fruit.

Like walking up a mountain on a difficult track, gradually you acclimatise to the climb and eventually come out above the clouds.