Presence is Absence

Presence is Absence

Day to day life, work, relationships, financial matters, pain, illness - they all have a powerful pull for our attention. The mind tries to cope and manage the endless complexity, but the continual torrent of thinking and feeling never stops.

This torrent happens in our body as feelings, and in our mind as thoughts.

Behind the feelings and thoughts is a 'Presence', which is quiet and still, but it is usually totally obscured by the torrent.

When we make contact with Presence it is possible to watch and experience all that is happening as if it is on the surface, but it is very difficult to stay in that 'place'. 

When you can stay there, the surface stuff becomes less able to pull your attention. 

On the surface is the physical body, all thought, beliefs, our egos - in the depth is the formless, a peaceful emptiness that is the true eternal self.

When the depth is known, and we reside there, we are in the state that is called Presence. 

Presence is actually absence - absence of the temporary passing stuff that is experienced in the body and mind.

Presence is not a thing, it is the space in which things happen.