Was there a Creator

Was there a Creator

The first words in the Bible: 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.' 

Don't we all have to agree that without some kind of beginning, we wouldn't be here? And how can there be a beginning without something to make that beginning happen?

Scientists think there was a Big Bang. But how could that have happened out of nothing?

Nothing is nothing, isn't it? Nothing has no quality. It is zero. Nothing is what there must be in the absence of anything. No-thing. Empty.

How can anything spontaneously happen out of nothing?

Nothing has nothing in it for anything to arise out of it. 

So even if it was beyond perception, there had to be something that was always there, a kind of potential. 

An impulse of some creative potential got things going. 

What came from this creative impulse? It must have been an awareness. An awareness of the potential to create. Perhaps this is what great sages call Pure Awareness - the substrata to all - the first identifiable arising of creation. 

Awareness arose. And it must have become conscious of itself for manifestation to begin.

We give the original creative impulse many different names: God, The Absolute, Source, Brahman. 

Whatever it is called it had to have always existed. Nothing can be prior to that which created all there is. 

And how do we fit into this? Well, if all that exists originates from one source, then all manifestation must in some way be part of it all, even if it feels like we are separate.