Are you your name, gender, race?

Are you your thoughts, feelings?

Are you what you believe?

Are you anything that you can describe?

Where is the 'you' that you refer to when you say 'I'?

Who is answering these questions?

Can you sense that there is something in the background, looking at these questions?

What is it?

Is it 'presence' or 'emptiness'?

Or does it have a quality of 'you'?

Isn't it more than just empty?

How about 'Beingness'?

'Beingness': the human experience of 'being'.

A Human Being.

Beingness is impossible to describe adequately.

Beyond description, but 'I' must be here to experience it.

So 'I' must be 'in' Beingness.

Who Am I?

An aspect of Beingness.

If 'I' am an aspect of it, 'I' must play 'my' part in its unfolding.

Beingness has no beginning or end.

All that arises in it is temporary.

Experience is temporary.

But here it is!

Beingness is beyond mind's capacity to comprehend.

Surrender to 'not knowing'.

Surrender to the simple fact that 'I Am', and 'I' do not know.