You are a Wave

You are a Wave

As winds and tide cause waves on the ocean, an unseen creative impulse sets our purpose.

Unlock life by realising that our surface experience of day to day life has its roots in something we cannot fathom. 

The wave is a temporary expression of the ocean, dancing on the surface, below it are powerful currents.

Spend time in the depth of your being through meditation and contemplation and purpose will be revealed.

Merge ever more deeply with where you come from and it will speak more clearly. 

Follow your inner voice.

What you are here to do will be revealed. Be patient and the current will take you where you are meant to go. 

Stay with this knowledge. Be open. Don't push. 

Feel what is right, what motivates you and gives you deep satisfaction. 

Allow your desires to be there, but don’t let them take you away from your truth. 

What you are meant to do and all relationships will emerge and evolve as they are meant to. 

Be the ocean.