You are not the Doer

You are not the Doer

What does 'You Are Not The Doer' mean? 

Could it really be true that everything is predestined?

Well, yes and no...

It is worth noting at the outset that even some 'spiritual teachers' can betray their misunderstanding of this concept by making statements about it that are misleading. One such was Robert Adams who taught that we should never feel guilty because we are not the doer. Imagine how someone hearing this could use this statement to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions! 

The ego is an insidious force and it can take ownership of apparent new found knowledge, using it for self interested purposes. Robert Adams was eventually exposed as a charlatan.

Back to the meaning of 'You Are Not The Doer'... 

What it is pointing to is that we are not a separate self with total free will, as almost all human beings believe. It goes further to say that something is guiding our actions. The difficult dimension to the teaching is that, although at the ultimate level, this may be true, at the level of personal reality as we experience in human form, we do have a responsibility for our conduct. This is a huge contradiction on first sight.

Let's try to shine some light on this problem...

If you are reading this you no doubt sense a mystical flow to life and that you have (or want to find) your individual purpose in it.

In a nutshell that's it.

Once the realisation comes that there is more to who you are than just body and mind, it soon happens that you also sense you are not separate, that somehow everything is connected, and even that there is a 'divine plan' at work. 

This realisation can be trusted - there is no separate self - we are one with all that is - there is a hidden guidance to life - but also, as we are one with this, an aspect of it, we are contributing to its unfoldment with every breath we take and every move we make (to borrow the lyrics of a popular song).