In my teens, leaving school, I deciding not to continue my education in fine art, but instead took an opportunity to visit America, ending up staying five years, living on both coasts. On returning to England I soon started a business that ran for 30 years. Since retiring from the world of commerce, the desire to paint and draw came back, plus I also found myself wanting to talk about discoveries I had made on my 'Inner Journey'.

"Spiritual seeking" began for me in my early 20's and looking back I can see it was guided by synchronistic events that first pointed me toward Eastern teachings then to karmic astrology and tantric philosophy. Roll forward many years and during a very traumatic period a shift in my consciousness took place. Almost overnight the thoughts and beliefs that had seemed so real and vital to my existence lost their all-consuming pull. As this happened, my day to day life went from struggle and stress, to contentment and peace. Soon a sense of being connected with the flow of life became my permanent state. I later learned that this experience is commonly called 'awakening'.

In the meetings and one-to-one sessions we talk about the freedom from the limited and ultimately painful egoic mind that comes with the realisation of one's true self. My aim is simply to help others make this discovery, because it is available to everyone.

My words and writing are about connection.

My art attempts to convey the beauty that is beyond words.