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'Spiritual seeking' began for me in my early 20's and, looking back, it is easy to see the synchronistic events that led me into what I now call the 'Inner Journey'.

At first I began a psychological investigation of my own inner experience, then into philosophical and ancient eastern wisdom teachings, karmic astrology, tantric and many other spiritual teachings of more recent times.

Many years later, during a very traumatic period in my life, a shift in my consciousness took place. It was like being woken from a trance. Immediately, who I had believed myself to be - my psychological self - lost all meaning. And simultaneously, my thoughts and feelings began to lose their power and control over me. My day-to-day life went from struggle and stress, to more contentment, peace and a sense of being connected with the flow of life.

I later learned that this experience was commonly called a 'spiritual awakening'. And as the years have passed since that moment, I have come to realise that it was just the beginning of a progressive breaking-free from the egoic aspect of self.

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