We are all on an inner journey... but to where?

The purpose of our meetings and discussion is to gain deeper understanding of what lies behind all that happens, and with this, more peace and the sense of flowing creatively with life.

By exploring deeply, we can come to a sense of presence that is pure stillness and silence, that is not our body or mind. From here, thoughts and emotions can be watched and we feel peacefully at home.

John Foster


In my teens, leaving school, I deciding not to continue my education in fine art, but instead took an opportunity to visit America, ending up staying five years, living on both coasts. On returning to England I soon started a business that ran for 30 years. Since retiring from the world of commerce, the desire to paint and draw came back, plus I also found myself wanting to talk about discoveries I had made on my 'Inner Journey'.

"Spiritual seeking" began for me in my early 20's and looking back I can see it was guided by synchronistic events that first pointed me toward Eastern teachings then to karmic astrology and tantric philosophy. Roll forward many years and during a very traumatic period a shift in my consciousness took place. Almost overnight the thoughts and beliefs that had seemed so real and vital to my existence lost their all-consuming pull. As this happened, my day to day life went from struggle and stress, to contentment and peace. Soon a sense of being connected with the flow of life became my permanent state. I later learned that this experience is commonly called 'awakening'.

In the meetings and one-to-one sessions we talk about the freedom from the limited and ultimately painful egoic mind that comes with the realisation of one's true self. My aim is simply to help others make this discovery, because it is available to everyone.

My words and writing are about connection.

My art attempts to convey the beauty that is beyond words.


Study Group

Our meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month 4:30-6pm UK time, currently online via Zoom.

We begin with a few minutes of silence, to come into the present moment, followed by an opportunity to ask a question or raise a topic that you would like to discuss. We have a short meditation toward the end.

This study group was originally established to look at the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, and we continue to do this, plus we also now include other respected teachings and topics. The overall aim is to create an open, welcoming, non judgemental forum where you can explore your Inner Journey in the company of others.

Each month an email reminder is sent out a few days ahead of the session. Please use the Contact Form to get on the list.

The session is led by John, and provided on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

Map and directions (when we get back to meeting in person) can be downloaded Here.


These sessions are one-to-one and seek to explore our Inner Journey, alongside our responses to external life experiences, our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The goal is to gain deeper understanding of what lies behind all that happens, and with this, more peace and the sense of flowing creatively with life.

The length of session is variable, but is usually around 60 minutes and is currently held online via Zoom.

Please use the form on this page to ask any questions and arrange your session.

My time is offered on the basis that is explained on the Contribute page.






 Waking (5 min)

Ocean (13 min)

Rainbow (22 min)

Night (8 min)


My time is given as a service, without expectation of payment.

Sometimes people want to make a contribution and may ask what amount is appropriate - but this is difficult for me. The only way I can answer is to say that £5-10 is usually what others give when attending a group meeting, or a higher amount for one-to-one sessions. Whatever you decide, it must feel right to you, and also make your attendance affordable.

Thank you.

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What people have said

"It was lovely to meet people who were like-minded and interested in the same approaches, which therefore made discussions engaging. I also learnt new ideas and consequently found myself thinking in different ways and feeling almost 'refreshed' as a result. I liked how my topic of interest was actively sought after, and I really supported the fact that, yes although huge, unanswerable topics are fun to discuss, it can be more beneficial to find ways to utilise elements we can understand/hold onto more (e.g. the nature of unhelpful thoughts, and living in the present), so appreciated your efforts in leading the group towards that. It was a nice location and sized-group. I also felt there were some special people there and a good 'presence' to the occasion; different to the everyday."

“What I had hoped for”

"Very nice"

- Copy

“Well presented and conducted by John. Informative and thought provoking. The subject matter inspired some inspirational, lively discussions involving all participants. Will be back for more”

“...Both the presentations and the group discussion time were very good. I feel I can apply these perspectives in my every life. The venue is a lovely and relaxing space. I will definitely be back.”

“Thoroughly recommended”

“Fascinating subject and inspirational group ”

“Presence, stillness, oneness, karma or hudoor are topics that are talked about by many. However, the reality is you can only get there by seeking being in the presence of a guide who has lived it themselves; John is certainly someone who can take you there. ”

"Thank you for yesterday - was lovely to be there and I felt I learned/absorbed a lot."

“Interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking ... ”

"This was a very enjoyable meet-up - the ideas were well presented and the discussion was very open and thought provoking. Thank you again to John for your hospitality in accommodating my early arrival - it was great to meet you. I hope to join you again soon x"

“This was my first visit and I really enjoyed it.”

“An excellent resource provided by John”

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