We are all on an inner journey... but to where?

Seeking to discover deeper understanding of what lies behind all that happens, and with this, more peace and the sense of flowing creatively with life.

My hope is that you find the content of this website useful and helpful. 
In the 'Words' section there are many spoken recordings, guided meditations and written items, covering a range of topics related to the Inner Journey.

Please consider joining me in conversation with others through our Study Group, or on a One-to-One basis.

There is no expectation of payment. Contributions, which are gratefully received, are donated to the charity Tree Sisters, as is all profit from the sale of my artwork.

There is also an Inner Journey Facebook Group - a space where you can explore the spiritual and mystical aspects of life with like-minded others.


'Spiritual seeking' began for me in my early 20's and looking back it is easy to see the synchronistic events that first pointed me toward ancient eastern wisdom teachers, karmic astrology, tantric philosophy and then on into some more well-known spiritual teachings of recent times.

Many years later, during a very traumatic period in my life, a shift in my consciousness took place. It was like being woken from a trance. Immediately, who I had believed myself to be lost all solidity. Thoughts and emotions began to lose their all-consuming pull. Over a quite short period, my day-to-day life went from struggle and stress, to contentment, peace and a sense of being connected with the flow of life. I later learned that this experience was commonly called an 'awakening'. And as the years have passed since that moment, I have come to realise that it was just the beginning...

The 'Inner Journey' group began ten or so years ago and this website a few years later.


Our meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month 4:30-6pm UK time, currently online via Zoom.

We begin with a few minutes of silence, to come into the present moment, after which any questions about our Inner Journey that you wish to raise, can be discussed. There is a guided meditation to conclude.

This study group was originally established to look at the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, and we continue to do this, plus we also now include other respected teachings and topics. The overall aim is to create an open, welcoming, non-judgemental forum where you can explore your Inner Journey in the company of others.

Each month an email reminder is sent out a few days ahead of the session. Please use the Contact Form to get on the list.

The session is led by John, and provided on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

Map and directions (when we get back to meeting in person) can be downloaded Here.

These sessions are one-to-one and seek to help you explore your Inner Journey, alongside your responses to external life experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The goal is to gain deeper understanding of what lies behind all that happens, and with this, more peace and the sense of flowing creatively with life.

The length of session is variable, but is usually around 60 minutes and can be in-person or online via Zoom.

Please use the form on this page to ask any questions and arrange your session.

My time is offered on the basis that is explained on the Contribute page.

Refuge from the storm

9-minute spoken contemplation on taking refuge deep within when we're experiencing difficult thoughts, emotions and feelings.


Unwanted Thoughts and Feelings

17-minute spoken contemplation that offers a practical way of managing and resolving unwanted thoughts and feelings. Practised consistently, benefits will soon become self-evident.


Unwanted Thoughts and Feelings (recap)

3-minute 'mini meditation' for the non-connection method of managing and resolving unwanted thoughts and feelings. It is recommended that the full spoken 17-minute contemplation on this page is listened to first.


Good Morning

5-minute guided meditation for when you first wake up in the morning, to connect to creativity, clarity, non-reaction - all the things we need for a productive day.


Through The Clouds

To shine light on the causes of troubling thoughts and feelings, we need to rise out of the clouds - into the sun.


Stop Lighting Matches

We may not always be able to stop ourselves from lighting matches, but try to watch the flame and drop the match before getting burned.


Freedom From Suffering

Once we have had a first taste of this, we want it again. We want to experience it more often, and more deeply.


Peaceful Mind

The mind can never be at peace - its nature is constant motion - but you are not the mind.


Seeking Meaning

4-minute spoken contemplation about answering questions like: Why are things the way they are? Why do we feel drawn to find deeper meaning?


I Know It In My Heart

Can you let your heart guide you? Does your heart know deeper answers than the mind?


Choices and Decisions

5-minute spoken contemplation to help when we are faced with choices and decisions and are uncertain which way to go.


Wave or Ocean

The wave is a temporary expression of the ocean, dancing on the surface, below which, powerful currents move.


Acceptance In Relationships

5-minute spoken contemplation about when we create expectations in our minds of how other people should be, we can harm relationships - and how to break this habit.


Astrology And Compatibility

Could astrology help in relationships? Wouldn't it at least be worth taking an open-minded look?


Meant To Be Together?

The awakening event in one partner creates a fundamental incompatibility between them which was not there before.


Meeting Mr (or Ms) Right

Every person is ‘right’, even if the initial rightness becomes wrong.


What's Love Got To Do With It?

A soulmate? Blissful love? Fanciful idea, myth or possibility?


Happiness That Lasts

5-minute spoken contemplation on the three types of happiness - why the least known of these is the only one that lasts - and how to find it.


God Or Nothing?

5-minute spoken contemplation exploring what might have existed before the beginning of time, and all that we know.


Belief And Suffering

7-minute spoken contemplation looking at how beliefs arise and how to become free from the suffering they can cause.



You will never be able to accept anything that you perceive as unacceptable - so don't try!


Anxiety, Awakening, Awareness

A personal story of how intense anxiety led to a deep inner-looking - a moment of awakening into pure awareness.


10,000 Years Old and Flat

What's the difference between Belief, Knowledge and Truth?


Law Of Attraction

Have you seen the Law of Attraction at work in your own life? Was it intentional manifesting on your part?


Words Are Just Pointers

Words are needed, or are they? Words lead to more questions, more thinking - all for the mind.


What do we really know?

Only evidence, real evidence, should be considered a sound basis on which to accept something as true.


Being In The Now

3-minute spoken contemplation on the difficulty of 'Being or living in The Now'.


An Excitable Child

Like a child opening presents, our mind jumps on every thought, then the next, and the next...


What Is Ego?

Looking inside, is there an experience of a self-focused aspect of yourself? ...That's ego.


Mad Mind Of Man

Throughout history, why have we caused such suffering and destruction?


Who You Are

14-minute guided meditation to explore what you are not - and who you are.


Predestiny or Free Will?

4-minute spoken contemplation on the paradox of predestiny and our sense of free will.


The Ocean

16-minute guided meditation into that silence and peace beneath the surface, deep in our inner being.


Grief And Loss

6-minute spoken contemplation to uncover what dies, revealing how pain can transmute into peace - and the warmth of remembrance.


What Is Presence?

In the presence of what? Presence is not a thing; it is the space in which things arise.



10-minute spoken recording looking at what consciousness is - and is not.


We Are The River

One consciousness, one with consciousness.


Can You Find Yourself?

Looking inward, our self, or at least what we had believed our self to be, is impossible to pin down.


Meditate On The Self

Excerpt from: Living by the Words of Bhagavan - by David Godman


Many Ways To Meditate

Even just a few seconds during each session experiencing no thought in total stillness, is beautiful and will stay with you.


Look In A Mirror

Your personal story of who you are is it only the foreground to all that you are.


Contemplating the Eternal Question

Is this the answer to the question: Who am I?


You are an aspect of all-there-is

The body/mind is believed to be separate from the world, from the ego's viewpoint.


A Beautiful Mystery

the 'I' cannot know, in fact the 'I', is in the way of knowing!

My time is given as a service, without expectation of payment.

When people want to make a contribution for meetings or one-to-one sessions they sometimes ask what amount is appropriate - but this is difficult for me. The only way I can answer is to say that £5-10 is usually what others give when attending a group meeting, or a higher amount for one-to-one sessions.

Any amount in appreciation of the meditation or contemplation recordings will contribute toward software and website costs.

Or perhaps you might like to make a donation to my preferred charity? All profit from the sale of my paintings goes to TreeSisters, a remarkable charity that is helping restore the global forest. Please take a look at my gallery page.

Whatever you decide, it must feel right to you, and be comfortably affordable.

Thank you.

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"It was lovely to meet people who were like-minded and interested in the same approaches, which therefore made discussions engaging. I also learnt new ideas and consequently found myself thinking in different ways and feeling almost 'refreshed' as a result. I liked how my topic of interest was actively sought after, and I really supported the fact that, yes although huge, unanswerable topics are fun to discuss, it can be more beneficial to find ways to utilise elements we can understand/hold onto more (e.g. the nature of unhelpful thoughts, and living in the present), so appreciated your efforts in leading the group towards that. It was a nice location and sized-group. I also felt there were some special people there and a good 'presence' to the occasion; different to the everyday."

“What I had hoped for”

"Very nice"

- Copy

“Well presented and conducted by John. Informative and thought provoking. The subject matter inspired some inspirational, lively discussions involving all participants. Will be back for more”

“...Both the presentations and the group discussion time were very good. I feel I can apply these perspectives in my every life. The venue is a lovely and relaxing space. I will definitely be back.”

“Thoroughly recommended”

“Fascinating subject and inspirational group ”

“Presence, stillness, oneness, karma or hudoor are topics that are talked about by many. However, the reality is you can only get there by seeking being in the presence of a guide who has lived it themselves; John is certainly someone who can take you there. ”

"Thank you for yesterday - was lovely to be there and I felt I learned/absorbed a lot."

“Interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking ... ”

"This was a very enjoyable meet-up - the ideas were well presented and the discussion was very open and thought provoking. Thank you again to John for your hospitality in accommodating my early arrival - it was great to meet you. I hope to join you again soon x"

“This was my first visit and I really enjoyed it.”

“An excellent resource provided by John”

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