The studio is a place to relax, quiet the mind and find balance. Through classes, meditation and guidance, you can navigate your inner journey and realise your creative potential.

What we do

Our day-to-day lives can be taken over by a continual stream of thinking, feeling, making decisions...and as well as uplifting and pleasurable experiences, there are always challenges and difficulties to cope with. Increasingly common psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression can result. Effective therapeutic tools include meditation, counselling, making art - but our over-busy minds can get in the way of the benefits.

It is for this reason that all our classes and teachings guide the participant to where the mind slows down, so we can disengage from thoughts and dis-identify from our attachments and day-to-day life situations.

Through this process we can learn to connect deeply with our body and senses, and develop a state of pure awareness and inner stillness - of just 'being' - out of which comes creativity, and a natural flowing with life.

Who we are

John Foster

Apart from five years in the USA in my 20’s, I have always lived in the south of England, starting my own business in the 80’s that I ran for 30 years. My parents were teachers and my father also an Anglican priest. I'm a dog lover, nature lover and deeply grateful for every day. My inner journey has been guided by synchronistic events that first pointed me toward Eastern teachings then to karmic astrology and tantric philosophy. A shift in consciousness took place in my early 50’s and almost overnight the thoughts and beliefs that had seemed so vital to my existence lost their all-consuming pull. Inner space opened up and a connectedness with the flow of life became my permanent experience. Soon after this happened, I started to run workshops on a range of esoteric subjects. Later I began to provide one-to-one counselling and lead Satsang sessions. My aim is to share awakening with others who are seeking truth, connecting ever more deeply with the peace and stillness that is the essence of our true nature.

Mariana Acevedo

I was born in Chile, where I worked as a designer and also attended a renowned artist’s oil painting studio for 9 years. I came to the UK to study Fine Art in Oxford Brookes University, and now have a BA in Fine Art (1st class) and an MFA in Fine Art. I am a UK based visual artist and my work is mainly developed in oil painting, photography and collage. I position myself as a mindfulness artist, therefore observation in stillness has an important role. Nature, with its world of phenomena and appearance, which is mainly my subject, is in constant change, but there is something in the background that exists on its own, a clear and natural energy, a primordial awareness, a truth; and when observing, I seek this truth, to see what is behind the obvious, normally unnoticed. Over a decade practicing yoga and meditation deeply influenced how I make art, and now it has been the foundation of the development of a teaching method that I have called Art in-Meditation (AiM). This is the basis of all the art classes offered through our website.

By exploring deeply, we can come to a sense of presence that is pure stillness and silence, that is not our body or mind. From here, thoughts and emotions can be watched and we feel peacefully at home.

John Foster

What is Spiritual Guidance?

What is Spiritual Guidance?

We are all seeking meaning, understanding and truth, but any learned concept or set of ideas cannot be the answer because our thinking mind is only an aspect of us, not all that we are. So, who are we then?

By exploring within, we can come to a sense of presence which is still and silent that we realise is not our body or mind. Is this our spirit or soul? If we do not go to any religious belief system, or even try to describe it, we can reside there peacefully at home, participating in life as it flows.

It is the purpose of spiritual guidance to help us rediscover this eternal truth.


We offer regular Classes & Events including Meditation, a monthly Study Group and Satsang.

One-to-One Counselling is also available.


Meditation sessions can be arranged and those new to meditation can be given instruction. 

Please use the Contact Form to check our schedule. Thanks.

Sessions are led by John and is provided on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

Map and directions can be downloaded Here.

Further background information on Spiritual Guidance.


Satsang is a word which comes from Sanskrit, meaning 'to be in the company of the truth'. 

We meet to talk about spiritual and esoteric topics of interest to you.

We meet every third Sunday of the month from 4-7 pm.

Please use the Contact Form to confirm your booking. Thanks.

Sessions are provided on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

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Eckhart Tolle Study Group

This is a regular study group where we learn from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. Each session includes spending time being in a state of pure presence and stillness, and we also listen to readings and interviews with Eckhart. 

We meet every first Sunday of the month from 4-7 pm.

Please use the Contact Form to confirm your booking. Thanks.

The session is led by John and is provided on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

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We hold periodic workshops on a wide range of esoteric and spiritual topics.

Sessions are led by John and is provided on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

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Sessions can cover a wide range of areas, allowing you to gain more understanding of what lies behind all that happens in life (spiritual guidance), and this helps in dealing with stress, difficult feelings, relationship issues - whatever you wish to explore.

Sessions are usually two hours and the time is offered to you on the basis that is explained on our Contribute page.

Please use the form on this page to ask any questions and arrange your session.

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Further background information on Spiritual Guidance.

All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.

Eckhart Tolle

What is Art in-Meditation (AiM)?

What is Art in-Meditation (AiM)?

When making art, the mind automatically slows down and we begin to feel more relaxed, our thoughts seem to be floating above us so that we do not engage with them as much - but this is not permanent - the mind soon starts to criticise and judge what we are doing, creating expectations of how the results should be. In meditation the mind and body begin to settle down towards a state of rest, dissolving stress and restoring physiological balance, bringing attention to the present moment. And even if thoughts arise, we can let them pass, and remain in a state of presence.

Later in my career I naturally started to use aspects of my meditation practice in my work as a visual artist. I realised that my long experience of meditation, where I used methods to help quiet my mind and stay present, had become extremely important in the creative process.

When it came to teaching, I knew this discovery would be valuable for others because when the mind is full there is little opportunity for something new to arise, whilst in meditation, a space is created where inspiration can blossom. I call it 'Art in-Meditation', or AiM, for short. With this methodology you will find that your mind becomes passive and the body connects profoundly with any subject and you can let the senses and the materials guide you, developing an intuitive approach to making art.

At the studio we offer art classes and workshops for children and adults in a psychologically safe environment, because when applying meditation to art, we learn to let go of the incessant self-dialogue and criticism that affects us negatively and stops us from being truly creative. Each class starts and ends with a short meditation, (meditation instruction is available and included) and we also encourage you to practice this in your day-to-day activities. Throughout the class we use meditative methods to control the mind and help sustain the state of quietness that is essential for creativity.

The classes are designed to help you explore the material and subject at your own pace; we do not have “recipes” to follow or results to pursue, because we believe that uncertainty allows you to create with freedom. We are here to guide you to explore the natural creativity you already have and discover your own potentialities.

For more information on the classes and workshops please use our Contact Form.

Private Art Tuition can also be arranged at the studio or in your home,

I look forward to meeting you.

Private Art Tuition

Private Art Tuition can be arranged either here at the studio or in your home. My charge is £25 per hour when you come to the studio and £50 per hour at your home.

If you would like to discuss Private Art Tuition please use this form and I will be happy to call you.

Many thanks,

More information on Art in-Meditation.

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We do not charge for Meditation sessions, Satsang, the Eckhart Tolle Study Group or one-to-one Spiritual Guidance, but if you wish to express your appreciation and/or contribute towards our costs, this will be gratefully received. Our costs include light, heat, property services, upkeep, materials, refreshments, website. In the past we have been asked for a guide to a suitable amount, but really it is whatever you feel comfortable with. Others have given between £5-£10 for a group class and £20-£40 for a one-to-one session.

Many thanks.

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What people have said

"It was lovely to meet people who were like-minded and interested in the same approaches, which therefore made discussions engaging. I also learnt new ideas and consequently found myself thinking in different ways and feeling almost 'refreshed' as a result. I liked how my topic of interest was actively sought after, and I really supported the fact that, yes although huge, unanswerable topics are fun to discuss, it can be more beneficial to find ways to utilise elements we can understand/hold onto more (e.g. the nature of unhelpful thoughts, and living in the present), so appreciated your efforts in leading the group towards that. It was a nice location and sized-group. I also felt there were some special people there and a good 'presence' to the occasion; different to the everyday."

“What I had hoped for”

"Very nice"

- Copy

“Well presented and conducted by John. Informative and thought provoking. The subject matter inspired some inspirational, lively discussions involving all participants. Will be back for more”

“...Both the presentations and the group discussion time were very good. I feel I can apply these perspectives in my every life. The venue is a lovely and relaxing space. I will definitely be back.”

“Thoroughly recommended”

“Fascinating subject and inspirational group ”

“Presence, stillness, oneness, karma or hudoor are topics that are talked about by many. However, the reality is you can only get there by seeking being in the presence of a guide who has lived it themselves; John is certainly someone who can take you there. ”

"Thank you for yesterday - was lovely to be there and I felt I learned/absorbed a lot."

“Interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking ... ”

"This was a very enjoyable meet-up - the ideas were well presented and the discussion was very open and thought provoking. Thank you again to John for your hospitality in accommodating my early arrival - it was great to meet you. I hope to join you again soon x"

“This was my first visit and I really enjoyed it.”

“An excellent resource provided by John”

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