All time related to everything provided through this website, in Study Group sessions, and in the Inner Journey Facebook Group is offered as a service. When those who have appreciated what has been provided wish to give back in some way, I ask for help in my effort to support TreeSisters with their remarkable work helping restore the global forest.

Fees for One-to-One sessions and all profit from the sale of paintings in my Online Gallery is also donated to TreeSisters.

When people ask what contribution or fee is appropriate my response is simply this : whatever you decide, will be exactly right!

Please make any payment directly via my JustGiving page John's Fundraiser for TreeSisters.

TreeSisters is a UK registered reforestation charity that has so far funded the planting of over 26 million trees. In addition they actively seek to support a shift away from consumerism to a restorative culture by providing resources that inspire personal and collective action.