Dozens of gurus, hundreds of teachers, thousands of books, millions of words...

But only one you.

This meditation is about you.

Are you your name?

Are you your gender?

Are you your race?

Are you your body?

Are you your thoughts?

Are you your feelings?

Are you - any of those things?

Or is there a sense of something else, to who you are?

Something in the background?

Your mind is thinking about these questions.

So, it is your mind that is doing the thinking.

But who is noticing...who is noticing the thinking?

Can you locate it?

Is there somewhere that you can find... where that noticing is taking place from?

You might say, I'm thinking about these questions?

So, it's in my, head...

But, where is the "I" that knows this?

Where is the sense of "I"?

When you say I think this, who is it that you are referring to?

Here's another question...

If you were to say to someone about where you live: I live here.

Who is the "I"?

Are you just referring to your body and mind?

Or is there something deeper than that?

It's not a really tangible thing.

It's just a sense of Being.

Can you feel that?

Can you sense that... Beingness?

Isn't that really who you are?

Is that not it?

Not in any place.

It's just there...

You are a Human Being.

You could say the human is the body and mind,

experiences - the physical, the external.

The being is that which is in the background.

Impossible to describe.

But when we refer to ourselves as "I".

It must be there.

Without it, there could be nothing here at all.

But it's not the body, or the mind.

You are not the body, you are not the mind.

Drop back away from any ideas.

Drop away from everything of the mind.

Even the personality is not who you are. 

It is external.

Beingness is behind all that.

Beingness is the essential you - without all that gets accumulated around it, attached to it.

All ideas, all beliefs, all of those things...are not who you are.

Strip all that away.

There's nothing to your essential self that you can know.

It just is.

No beginning, no end - eternal.



Empty out any qualities that you associate to you.

Drop into that which is behind.

That which is stillness.

Drop away from sounds, thoughts, images, feelings - anything that arises in the external.

Give no attention.

Leave anything and everything.

Melt into the background.

Into Beingness.

Complete peace.