We can only discover for ourselves through our own personal experience whether any information that astrology provides, is true. 

We should be very sceptical, even when we want to believe that it can divine information that answers our questions, because this stops us from being taken-in. But so should we remain open and not resist accepting something out of a mind-made belief that it cannot be true. 

Our ego likes to believe it is always right, so it won't want to hear anything that suggests it is fundamentally wrong about its beliefs. It tries to work out how to deal with the world, based on what it thinks it knows, what can be seen and made sense of. If our senses cannot perceive it, or something challenges our beliefs, we tend to shut down.

But in the hands of a genuinely knowledgeable intuitive astrologer, if we are lucky enough to find one, an otherwise hidden map is revealed. When we experience this firsthand, there is no denying its reality. 

If you are just taking your first tentative steps into astrology, try looking at your sun sign. Interpretation in astrology is endlessly complicated and nuanced, but there are some aspects of general agreement - and one of these is that our sun sign does provide insight into our likely compatibility (or not) in relationship with another person. 

This applies to partner, sibling, children, work colleague, family, friend - in fact all human relationships. 

By looking at the sun sign in two people it is possible to see basic aspects of personality as they relate to each other. Once we know this, and some details around where our differences lie, we can use that knowledge to avoid or overcome friction. And it can also show where our own and others' characteristics have the potential to positively or negatively influencing the relationship. This naturally helps us avoid destructive tendencies and become more accepting of another's behaviour and characteristics.

With the benefit of hindsight, once in the possession of the insight of a truly gifted astrologer, it is plain to see how helpful it would have been to have known it sooner!