What is your name, age, nationality?

Are you young, middle aged, old?

... a mother, father, grandparent, brother, sister, wife, husband?

... a thinker or a doer - or both?

... employed, work from home, retired?

... a driver, pilot, teacher, trainer, student, mechanic, engineer, artist, writer?

... outgoing, shy, clever, creative, passionate, a dreamer, funny, kind, sporty, trendy, lazy, energetic, attractive, not attractive, confident, loyal, friendly, successful?

... emotional, intellectual, spiritual?

Whatever your answers - this is your personal story - your identity.

How much of this has changed over time? 

Our mind and body is constantly changing - the thoughts passing through our mind - our feelings - even every cell of our physical self has been entirely replaced several times since we were born.

Whatever we are, think or feel, is a snapshot of the moment - it is what is seen through the lens of the camera.

But what takes the picture?

What is present in the background as our mind considers all these questions?

Is it the mind itself?

Or is there an 'awareness' behind the mind?

Can we drop into the background - into the unmoving pure awareness - and from there observe all that happens in our mind, body and the external world?

The foreground is the temporary.

The background is the eternal.

The combination of the ever-changing foreground and the never-changing background is the TOTALITY of who we are.