Lots of people wonder about consciousness - what it actually IS - in itself?

So here's what consciousness is :

"Consciousness is the faculty of sentient awareness."

That is the definition of the word consciousness.

That definition is not mine - it is the actual real meaning of the word. 

That is what consciousness actually is.

Do you think you know different?

Do you really?

Have you come to believe you know that consciousness is something other than what the word actually means?

Or is consciousness simply what the word means, nothing more?


Not a thing.

Not a substance.

Not who we are, higher self or some mystical entity.


Its just...

A word.

Consciousness is just a word that describes something.

We humans first came up with the word consciousness to describe the fact that we are aware of our existence and our surroundings.

We have this incredible thing which enables us to be aware.

We have consciousness.

It is a faculty we have.

If we never had consciousness in the first place, what?


But we have the miracle of being conscious!

The real question is 'Who/What' has consciousness?