Using your imagination, visualize your body, lying on sand, at the ocean's edge on a quiet beach, in the warm sun.

A gentle wave laps around your body.

Feel the water.


Another small wave.

It feels perfectly natural to allow the water to gradually lift your body.

Now, fully supported by the water, floating easily.

Imagine stretching your arms out, completely at peace.

Floating on the surface.

The water is crystal clear, light blue, reflecting the sky above.

Using your imagination now, you can just sense that you're falling away from the body.

The sense of who you are dropping beneath the surface, the body staying floating.

Your body is on the surface.

Watch it from below.

The body is above you.

They call that body - you call that body by a particular name.

It has a certain age.

It has a kind of skin colour.

It has a height.

A weight.

And in the body are organs, blood - all the qualities of a physical body.

The skin, the hair, the eyes, the brain.

Your body is the container... and the brain thinks.

The body experiences impulses from sensation.

And when the mind is active there's a continual stream of electrical energy experienced as pleasure, emotion...pain...

Very complex - beyond our understanding.

All in the body...

The mind has memories...

It has associations to relationships, ideas, beliefs, knowledge.

Judgments, feelings and images continually flow through it.

Everything that arises in consciousness is experienced through the mind.

All of this relates to the body that you can see now above you on the surface.

Watch your body from the quietness below it and drop down deeper, further away from it.

Just for now, leave everything - everything related to the body and the mind and the world on the surface.

Watch the body gently floating as you drop deeper away from it.

Enjoy the experience of no attachment to the body.

No attachment to anything.

Just feeling free.

Everything on the surface will stay there until you decide to return.

What is it this you that is watching from below?

Can you sense what it is?

If any description has come -  what is noticing that?

Let any description go.

And go deeper.

Go deeper - see if there is anything that you can discover...

...that is describing this you - that is dropping deeper in the ocean.

Feel - for the answer...

Anything that comes up in your mind, any thought, any image...

See if you can let them go... drifting away back up to the surface, leaving you -  more empty.

Keep emptying anything that comes up... any sound, even my voice, the music in the background - they're all surface.

Leave everything on the surface.

You're watching the surface, you're watching your body - way above you.

Anything that comes up in your awareness, just let it go - watch it drift upwards and away.

You are empty.

What is it that is empty?

See if you can find what is empty.

Any feeling, any sensation...

See what is beneath that...

Dropped deeper...

Away from anything that comes up.

Anything that arises.

Leave it alone, let it drift away upwards.

Drop deeper - to beautiful emptiness.

Those depths...have no boundaries.

There are no endings.

Just merge...into that...dissolve.

Currents will take you.

The currents are the ocean.

You are the ocean...


At some point slowly allow the surface to be seen and return - your body, thoughts, experience, and the world.