Our sense of 'self' is ... what?

...a sense of 'beingness'?

...an awareness of existence?

...who we are?

Our sense of 'self' originates 'here' in our body and mind.

We have awareness of our 'self'.

Is our 'self' important to us?

More important than any other 'self'?

We may say that our body, mind, feelings, thoughts, intuition are known 'here' as the totality of our 'self'.

But isn't there also 'something' else?

Aren't we aware of 'something' deeper in us?

...beyond us to fully grasp.

...beyond mental knowing.

...beyond our 'self', somehow...

Perhaps this 'something' is what we may call soul?

Maybe, at the very centre of what we call our 'self' there is this unknowable 'something' which is somehow an aspect of the 'Divine'?

Could it be that this 'something' is why we intuitively know goodness, truth and righteousness in life?

Would this mean that the root cause of all that is not good, not truthful, all wrongdoing and egoic selfishness - is none other than the 'self' itself?