A sure sign that we are making progress on our Inner Journey is that we find our self to be generally more at peace, even in the face of challenging external circumstances.

There may be a feeling of being 'guided', and synchronistic events seem to manifest in our day-to-day life.

There is a growing sense of flowing creatively with life, and we become generally more content and happy.

We find that relationships - and life in general - become more harmonious.

But beware the hidden trap of the ego!

It is very common during Awakening to reach inner states such as ‘oneness’ bliss or ecstatic states of consciousness.

All manner of 'mystical' realities can form in our awareness.

Awareness itself may seem to become our permanent inner state.

We may realise that we cannot find our 'self'.

These experiences are real and true in the experience of the individual self - and they are usually transformational.

They often seem more real than the 'normal' reality of the body-mind.

However, beware...

None of these are true Enlightenment.

The final section is: Into The Light