As Spiritual Awakening progresses our consciousness continues to expand outward in all directions, into the dense fog of residues of past experiences.

Our perception reaches into realms we had little or no contact with and we also become aware of previously unconscious aspects of our mind.

Inwardly we find there is a 'space', 'emptiness' or 'presence', that is in the background to our thoughts and feelings from which 'witnessing' becomes possible. Energies may be experienced moving in the body, and some people begin feeling, hearing or even seeing external 'entities' that are not in 'normal' physical form.

All these and many other types of psychic phenomena may come into experience in the early period of Spiritual Awakening, but they tend to be indistinct and often fall out of experience or ebb and flow, because the momentum of the mind, and the demands of day-to-day life continue to remain most dominant in our conscious awareness.

But one thing is universally true, once Spiritual Awakening has started, it always progresses and deepens over time.

No5 - Life Changes