Spiritual Awakening is the result of our consciousness expanding outward beyond the confines of the 'normal' state.

When the time is right, the 'light' of our consciousness begins to penetrate into the 'fog' that had previously restricted our perception.

Our expanding consciousness begins to allow us to 'see' more deeply into the fuller reality of life.

It really is like waking from a dream - and after this happens we realise that we had been sleepwalking through life!

This always leads to changes in our external circumstances.

As Spiritual Awakening unfolds we may deliberately make changes happen, or certain situations and relationships will naturally dissolve because they are simply no longer compatible with our evolving consciousness.

Often these changes feel like loss, and indeed there may actually be a loss in material terms, but we will look back later and see that in fact it was just the dropping away of 'energies' that had to go in order that our inner state could come more into alignment with the flow of life.

No6 - Deepening