Momentarily seeing a little further through dense fog is a good analogy for the beginning of Spiritual Awakening.

But what is the fog, and why is it there?

The first thing to say is; unlike fog, before Spiritual Awakening, we do not know we are in it!

For this reason the first moment of Spiritual Awakening is more like when we wake from a dream.

We don't know we are dreaming until we wake up.

The fog has been all we have ever known.

This is because it has been accumulating since before we even had conscious awareness.

From the very beginning, even before conscious awareness, we have been experiencing.

Everything we experience, whether physical, emotional or mental, has an energy to it.

And the energy of an experience does not instantly dissipate the moment the experience has passed.

The fog is the residue of the energies of experiences.

Most experiences are small, so their energy is insignificant, but others leave powerful and deeply ingrained residues.

Gradually these energy residues become the fog that restricts the light of our consciousness.