When driving in dense fog and we suddenly come into a clearer patch, the headlights reveal far more of the road ahead.

Seeing further through dense fog is a good analogy for the beginning of Spiritual Awakening.

But what is the fog?

And why is it there in the first place?

Before Spiritual Awakening we do not know we are in fog. We take our perception of life to be 'how things are'.

For this reason the first moment of Spiritual Awakening is always a surprise.

The fog has been all we have ever known, because we have been living in it all our lives.

It began to gather in our consciousness from the very beginning of our life.

This 'fog' is made up of the leftovers of everything we have experienced, been told, taught, shown and learned - whether experienced physically, emotionally or mentally. 

These residues stay with us in our unconscious mind until they become dissipated.

Most are small, so they dissipate quickly - but some come from powerful and long lasting experiences, leaving deeply ingrained residues that can remain with us our entire lives.

It is these residues, all of which are a form of energy, that act like a fog in our consciousness.