The Inner Journey is mysterious - beyond our understanding - and we each experience it in our own unique way.

Although the actual experience is unique in each of us, by learning about what seems to be the underlying 'process', this may help make more sense of what is going on in our inner perception.

Don't dwell on specific details that do not fully resonate with you, or you do not recognise in yourself - listen or read as a whole - like looking at a map of a territory.

The first stage of the Inner Journey is often called 'Spiritual' Awakening...

This is a process of 'waking up' from the belief that what we think we know is all that is real.

'Spiritual' Awakening reveals to us that there's more...

There's more to our 'self' and to 'life' than we had ever thought.

The journey begins when we start to discover deeper dimensions to who we are and all that we know.

We soon realise how we had been living as if in a dream - or a 'fog' - of our thoughts and beliefs.

The second stage of the Inner Journey is often called 'Enlightenment'.

This may be likened to the moment when the last of the 'fog' finally burns away, and the 'self' becomes one with that which has always existed 'beyond' the 'self'.

The Beginning of 'Spiritual' Awakening