There are many high-profile media and movie stars who believe in the Law Of Attraction (LOA), for example; Oprah Winfrey, media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer and philanthropist - one of the world's richest women. Will Smith, actor and singer, who has been called "the most powerful actor in Hollywood", and Jim Carey, actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, musician, producer, painter - and most recently 'mystic'! 

They say that setting an intention and holding to it, believing it to be true even before it had manifested in their life, was what brought them success. 

But was it LOA behind all this? Or maybe it is the fact that they were dealt rather good hands to begin with? After all, each must have been born with incredible natural talent, they are bright, funny, eloquent and charismatic - so they did rather have an advantage! They also had a drive and resilience that few possess.

So, maybe it was simply hard work and special abilities that brought the material success?

Or perhaps it was a combination of LOA, in-born ability and determination?

Science has proven that everything in the universe, at its essence, is energy in motion, all in one impossibly complex dance.

So, from a material perspective, every aspect of existence as it evolves and moves, must have some influence in the whole. And of course, we are an aspect of this. The only caveat being that given how incomprehensibly vast the universe is, our impact in it must obviously be proportionately small.

Perhaps, in relation to our short-lived individual existence, we can have an influence in the world around us, but isn't it a bit far-fetched to suggest we have the capacity to make absolutely anything we want become a reality, as some LOA believers think?

A big problem also arises when our ego gets excited about the possibility that it can manifest what it wants using LOA. From this kind of thinking, all sorts of problems can come!

Creating a positive intention and sticking to it cannot be a bad idea, and must have some effect on the unfolding of our life - and all life. 

But there does also seems to be a track laid down for us - if only the ego would get out of the way so we could see it!?