Can we manifest what we want into our lives if we put our minds to it?

Let's quickly explore the question scientifically...

'Diamond Light Source' is a particle accelerator, located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, just a mile from where I live. It is capable of observing particles when they are accelerated to near light speed, then smashed together.

What is detected in these collisions verifies 'quantum theory' which includes the mind-bending discovery that although we cannot see it with the naked eye, there is actually no absolute separation between objects, and everything we see as solid matter is energy in constant motion, vibrating, changing shape, interacting in unpredictable and inexplicable ways.

This fundamental interrelationship between us and all things, suggests that everything that happens must in some way be affecting everything else - even if it's impossible to trace the connections directly. And this of course supports ideas like the Law Of Attraction.

At the very least it points to the possibility that if we focus our attention - which is energy - towards something, this must be creating favourable conditions for it to come into being.

So, if that is true, what do we REALLY want to manifest?

Basic physical needs are always our highest priority, but beyond these, what do we ultimately most deeply want?  

Isn't it happiness?

In the state of happiness we feel love - and from love comes happiness.

If we have happiness, everything else is always somehow OK, despite external circumstances. 

When we get too involved in mind ideas - trying to make a happy life, or acquire what we think will make us happy, we are missing the profound truth that happiness does not come from the outside.

So how to manifest happiness?

"Kindness is my religion" - Dalai Lama

When we act with kindness, compassion and generosity of spirit - what we truly, most deeply want, miraculously manifests in our lives.

It's just that simple.