In the experiential reality of Non-Duality, causing harm to others is hurting everything - including oneself.

There are many definitions, but essentially Non-Duality is a state of consciousness where experientially there is literally no separation in or between anything, anywhere.

But this knowledge originated from beyond our present relative reality - from teachings of the great mystics of India - and is supposed to be the 'ultimate state' - union with all that is.

But non-duality can become one's state in a limited way here in the relative reality of the material experience.

So it is a 'knowable experience' here - but it is clearly not what the great mystics were originally speaking about - because if it were, anyone experiencing it would know all-that-is!

When the non-dual state of consciousness here in the relative reality has become one's abiding experience, all conceptual ideas of what non-dual is, become known to be wrong.

When you realise experientially that you are one with all you perceive, even though all things continue to have their apparent and independent separative existence, it becomes almost impossible to harm anyone or anything, simply because you have become sensitive to all that is perceived in a profoundly intimate way that cannot be fully described.

So any idea that human conduct is not affected by, or an indication of, one's state of consciousness is fundamentally wrong. 

The essence of our being is oneness. 

And once this has become our all-the-time state, our external actions and behaviours directly reflect it.

This is why the great sages and mystics were always speaking about love, compassion, kindness and doing no harm - because there can be no other way once oneness is one's state.